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Nan Shepherd ( - ): Anna (Nan) Shepherd was born in She grew up in Aberdeenshire, was educated at Aberdeen High School for Girls, and the University of.

I also found a book called Tarot for Writers by Corrine Kenner, as well as her online at places like Amazon. I purchased the Wizards Tarot deck by Corrine Kenner because the theme and images of the tarot deck spoke to me, and the book that comes with it is filled with detail.

#tarotandwriting, #writestuff, Arwen Lynch, Creative Life. Come on, let’s get under the covers.

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Those would be the covers of new books at the Hartford Public Library, one of which I will discuss with you each Tuesday and Thursday on Under the Covers, the library’s newest blog.

Prompts for Writing About Yourself for bloggers, writers, teachers, and more. Great for overcoming writer's block!

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#writingprompts Finn denne og andre Pins på Journaling av Karen Guidry. Bring your poetry, your novels, your short stories, your songs, your spoken word, your prose, your inspiration. Join us in creating a vibrant and supportive community of writers. Bring your passion, y.

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likes. Stay tuned for a special announcement about classes and workshops that will help you "Write Your Dream".

Writestuff writers online writers community
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