Totemism religion analysis emile durkheim s view totemism

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Limitations of Deviance Theories Biological and Psychological theories provide a limited understanding of crime and other deviances because most violators are normal people. The Best Nonfiction Books of All Time Image by John Overholt (CC BY-SA ) The Best Books: Top Nonfiction list is a concise selection of books that provides the reader with an understanding of the social and natural world.

In The Elementary Forms of Religion, Emile Durkheim, a French Sociologist from the 19th Century, examines totemism in an effort to draw universals between all religions. Durkheim sets his focus on Australian totemism, because it is the most "primitive culture" with the most resources available.

Émile Durkheim

One hundred years after the publication of the great sociological treatise, The Elementary Forms of Religious Life, this new volume shows how aptly Durkheim's theories still resonate with the study of contemporary and historical religious societies.

Durkheim's study focuses on the need and capacity of humans to relate to one another socially, with religion as the core of the moral universe. An excellent introduction to the influential sociologist's ideas, this book continues to speak to new generations about the intriguing origin and nature of religion.

Emile Durkheim sought to understand the fundamental basis of all religions by an analysis of its simplest form. This program examines Durkheim's arguments on religion and shows how he arrived at the conclusion that society itself is being worshipped.

Totemism religion analysis emile durkheim s view totemism
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Extracts from Emile Durkheim