Socials 11 chapter 6

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Social Studies 11 Chapter 5

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Social Studies 11 – /09 Release Exam Scoring Guide Page 1 Social Studies 11 /09 Release Exam Provincial Examination — List of Possible Responses. Chapter 10 Review Questions (Assignment) File Canadian Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms (Supplemental Notes and Assignment) File 5 October - 11 October.

Socials History Chapter 6 Review

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Course Administrative Files: SS 11 course outline Socials Studies 11 Course Overview provincial scoring guide ss 11 provincial exam Student Provincial Paper - Received mark of 6 out of 6 Assignments and Handouts: Create your own quiz - chapter 1 - ss11 Socials 11 Chapter 1 -.

Homework: Read Chapter 11 excerpt, Complete Gov/Politics assignment that was due today. Thursday May 12th Class Notes: Work period on end of chapter exercises (see Chapter 10 package). Socials 11 Block C Subscribe to posts. January 6-SS Block C posted Jan 6,PM by [email protected] Today we finished chapter One more to go!

We will start chapter 17 on Monday and the chapter 14/17 test will be on Monday January 16th. The chapter 6/7 test will either be next Thursday or the following .

Socials 11 chapter 6
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