Premedical coursework

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Four year plan for medical school

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Premedical Coursework and Competencies

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Premedical Studies

Co-op/Internships and Summer Research Opportunities in Biomedical Research and for Pre-Medical Studies Students. All opportunities listed are PAID, unless otherwise. UWSOM Pre-med Course Requirements; Have I met the course requirements?

International Courses; The premedical course requirements must be completed before matriculating. Requirements for the Bachelor’s Degree. All students in The Henry Samueli School of Engineering must fulfill the following requirements.

All students must meet the University Requirements. All students must meet the School Requirements. Step: Length of Time: Earn a bachelor degree, preferably in a science field.

At least four years. Take the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) for admission into medical the MCAT site for the best time to take it. Pre-Health Pre-Medical Coursework Each medical school will have its own specific set of course prerequisites, which varies to some degree between schools.

Thus, it is very important to check with the particular school in which you are interested. Accounting Major. The Accounting major surveys the principles, theories, and concepts of the accounting profession while providing an intense review of the economic, quantitative, and managerial aspects of .

Premedical coursework
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