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History of Paul Poiret

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Liberating the body, awakening the senses, emancipating the mind Liberating the body, awakening the senses, emancipating the mind In the beginning of the 20th century, the French designer Paul Poiret freed women from the corset.

ORIGIN OF HAUTE COUTURE: Paul Poiret () harles Frederick Worth () was known as the father or originator of haute couture in Paris. “In Paris, [Paul Poiret] was simply Le Magnifique, a suitable soubriquet for a couturier who employed the language of orientalism to develop the romantic and theatrical possibilities of clothing.”.

Jul 05,  · Some of Paul Poiret’s designs from the exhibition “Poiret: King of Fashion” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. A first collection from the revived fashion label is expected as soon as. Paul Poiret was the party boy of Paris who is the unsung hero of 20th century fashion.

In the first instalment in BoF’s fashion history series, we learn that Poiret dressed Paris’ finest before World War I, but as the years went on, his inability to adapt to '20s modernity led to the collapse of his company.

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Paul poiret
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