Oral tradition

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African History: A Great Oral Tradition

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Tradition and Living Magisterium

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Menominee Oral Tradition

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Gypsy Audio: Keeping the Oral Tradition Alive on the Internet. James Patrick Holding holds a Masters in Library Science from Florida State University. He is a published author in Christian Research Journal, and his website (abrasiverock.com) is the largest apologetics site run by a single individual and contains over articles.

Tradition In The Roman Catholic Church. is equal to the Bible! Tradition plays an important role in the belief and practices of the Roman Catholic Church.

abrasiverock.com: The Oral Tradition Today: An Introduction to the Art of Storytelling (): Liz Warren: Books. Oral tradition definition, a community's cultural and historical traditions passed down by word of mouth or example from one generation to another without written instruction.

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