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Natural Instrument Financing Analytical instrument equipment is traditional in the medical field to do with medical diagnosis. Hives and clamp holders attach to the rod. Our host of experts is fully knowledgeable of all of our unique, refurbished, and like new idea equipment.

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Setting up an electronics laboratory requires just a few essential pieces of equipment and tools. While specialty pieces of equipment may be essential for your application, the essential pieces of equipment are the same for nearly any electronics lab.

Equipment is circa and weigh approximately 50lbs with computer attached. The power supply for the computer has been replaced and is included with the equipment. This equipment is located on the UW’s Seattle campus at Benson Hall, Room Laboratory Equipment Helping researchers and scientists increase efficiency and productivity, every day.

We are a leading supplier of laboratory equipment and analytical instruments for scientific, R&D, educational laboratories across the globe. CBR/LBR and Marshall Automatic Load Frame.

Designed for doing CBR soil testing and Marshall asphalt testing in the same lab. Labotec is a scientific instrument supply company for laboratory equipment to sub-Sahara Africa. Visit our site for more information.

is your Lab Equipment Solutions Provider. HHI is a leading supplier of total turnkey laboratory equipment solutions. We can supply your laboratory from floor to ceiling with quality lab furniture, lab casework, lab countertops, lab fume hoods, lab cabinets, bio-safety cabinets and more.

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Lab equipment
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Laboratory Equipment