Indias space programme

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India Space Programme

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India Space Programme

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Indian Human Spaceflight Programme

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Why India Is Investing in Space in a Big Way

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Jan 01,  · News about India's space program. Commentary and archival information about India's space program from The New York Times. Japan and India share a growing concern about China, including about China’s space accomplishments. While these are impressive achievements, India’s space program faces some challenges.

Fruitful co-operation with other space faring nations, international bodies and the developing world is one of the main characteristics of India's space programme. The most significant milestone of the Indian Space Programme during the year was the successful launch of PSLV -C6.

The Indian Space Research Organisation has proposed a budget of ₹ 12, crore (US$ billion) for its human spaceflight programme. According to the Space Commission, which recommended the budget, an unmanned flight will be launched after 7 years of final approval [67] and a crewed mission will be launched after 7 years of.

In technological terms, the Indian space program is roughly comparable to China’s program, except in human spaceflight and exploration. And while India spends a bit more than Russia does on its space program, the percentage of gross domestic product (GDP) that India devotes to space is second only to the United States.

On Monday, India sent a rocket into space which successfully launched eight satellites in one go.

Indian Space Research Organisation

The main purpose of the launch which took place at the Sriharikota space centre off India's.

Indias space programme
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