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There will be a forum you need to write yourself!. The United States Flag & Touch Football League is the premier destination for all things Flag Football. For over 4 decades, the USFTL has worked to grow the sport of flag football, and create a place where athletes can test their skills against the best in the world.

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You'll find a variety of flag options, in a range of colors and release options, including popping flag football belts, and quick release designs. Fun, laid back football for everyone! If you're here to dominate and beat up on other teams/players, this isn't the league for you. Our flag football leagues are social leagues, with players of all skill levels, and designed to foster a fun, low-key environment.

We are the Official NFL Youth Flag Football organizers for Boys & Girls grades Pre-K - 9. We are the Official Jr.

NBA / Jr. WNBA organizers for Boys & Girls grades 1- 8. JOIN OUR TEAM Check Out Upcoming Referee and Site Director Trainings FIND OUT MORE >. FREE shipping on orders $80 or more Exclusions may apply to all discount promotions. Click here for more info.

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Flag football
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