Erp systems michael porter

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A short paper on ERP systems and how they impact upon Porter's 5 forces and value chain models.

Porter’s Value Chain Model and ERP

5 Pages. A short paper on ERP systems and how they impact upon Porter's 5 forces and value chain models. Uploaded by. Mark Reid. Porter developed the “five forces” model as a framework for industry analysis.

This model can be used to help understand just how competitive an industry is and to analyze its strengths and weaknesses. Cognizant is a multinational corporation that provides IT services, including digital, technology, consulting, and operations services.

It is headquartered in Teaneck, New Jersey, United abrasiverock.comant is included in the NASDAQ and the S&P indices. It is also one of the fastest growing Fortune companies.

It was founded as an in-house technology unit of Dun & Bradstreet.

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Porter 5 Forces Of Erp. industry is Michael Porter's Five Forces Model, which is described below: Michael Porter described a concept that has become known as the "five forces model" to help understand how competition affects your business. Porter's 5 forces analysis is a framework for industry analysis and business strategy development developed by Michael E.

Porter .

Erp systems michael porter
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