Case study jblfmu online distance education

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June - 2006

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The Evolution of Distance Learning

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Continuing Education

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Case Studies How Lakmé Improved its Salon Training Coverage Across + Cities by Going Online with WizIQ Max SkillFirst delivers Mobile Training to + Sales Professionals using WizIQ. Type of course: Online distance learning course Course duration: 10 to 16 weeks. Full tutor and customer service support will be provided throughout the course.

Conducting Distance Education Effectively. By Andrianes Pinantoan. March 4th, No Comments. Table of Contents. What Is Distance Learning; Use locally relevant case studies and examples as often as possible to assist students in understanding and applying course content.

Typically, the earlier in the course this is done, the better.

Distance Learning / Online Career Training Courses

Browse Case Study and Distance Learning content selected by the eLearning Learning community. the JBLFMU is committed to the development of a culture of excellence in maritime education and training, Education Case Study Distance Learning Open Source examining barriers to distance education Review is an often-overlooked word in the title of this journal.

Certainly, review includes Karen Murphy’s efforts as book review editor and Eric Plotnik’s excellent summaries of manuscripts included in the ERIC system.


The JBLFMU-Distance Education-Open Learning Office (DE-OL) aims to extend graduate maritime studies throughout the country and the whole world; to provide opportunities for instructors/trainers in maritime educational institutions, personnel of maritime and shipping industries on-board ship and/or ashore to acquire a master’s degree in.

Case study jblfmu online distance education
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