Attached is a copy of my resume and cover letter

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Delivering Your Cover Letter and Resume

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Resume Cover Letter

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Will Your Resume Land the Interview?

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Enclosed is a copy of my resume. Again, I am simply seeking advice or information that will help me decide in which area I should direct my job search efforts.

Please accept the attached resume as evidence of my interest in applying for such a position with BCD Corporation. You have a full 56 days to use my Amazing Cover Letter Creator risk-free. If you feel it does not deliver on everything you want and expect, or you are not thrilled with your purchase in every possible way, I want to know about it.

Edit Article How to Write a Cover Letter. In this Article: Article Summary Sample Cover Letters Write an Email Cover Letter Write a Paper Cover Letter Review Your Cover Letter Checklist for Preparing Your Cover Letter Community Q&A Cover letters.

As much as they require more work, cover letters are a great opportunity to cover qualifications we can’t fully explain in our resumes. Dear Human Resources: Enclosed please find my resume for the position of staff writer. I currently work as a copy editor for Acme Company, where I am responsible.

The receptionist cover letter sample will guide you on drafting a smart introductory letter that will give the employer a brief idea about who you are and how are you eligible for the applied job.

Though the cover letter guides the recruiter about your basic information, one must ensure to include only valid and important information here. I usually phrase it as “Please find attached a copy of my resume for your perusal.” Please find my resume attached to this letter.

Please have a look at the attached resume. Is "Please find attached my resume" grammatically correct? It is, in fact, correct and there are some other ways to put it.

Attached is a copy of my resume and cover letter
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